Ghost Recon Wildlands: [Bekannte Fehler] - Ghost Recon Network - Aktualisiert 11.05.2017

  • Hier findet ihr alle bekannten Fehler zu Ghost Recon Wildlands:



    [Task Force] Unable to unlock Task Force achievements

    • A few players noticed being unable to unlock Task Force achievements or XP in spite of belonging to a Task Force. Our team is currently investigating this issue.

    [Stats] Missing profile stats on the top player page [FIXED]

    • A few players reported being unable to see top player stats when visiting his profile. Even when attempting to change the page language in English then in Russian, the result remain the same.

    [Task Force] Debug text appears when setting Task Force leader

    • A few players noticed a spelling issue when attempting to give to set as leader another user in the Task Force section. Our development team is currently investigating on this issue.

    [Access] Unable to open chat [Workaround]

    • A few players reported not being able to open the chat on GRN. The development team attempted to reproduce this issue but the tests did not reveal any bug. Please note that to be able to use the chat together, users need to be friends and to play on the same platform.

    [Access] Error message when attempting to tag friends [FIXED]

    • A few players have reported not being able to tag their friends on Ghost Recon Network. When they attempted to tag them an error message popped up. This issue was resolved.

    [Console] Incorrect tag

    • Some players are reporting making tags on the website but are getting numbers in game instead. We are aware of this situation and are investigating it.

    [Access] Unable to consult profile or Task Force [FIXED]

    • A few players have been unable to connect to the Ghost Recon Network or retrieve their TaskForce information despite owning the game. We recommend you to try to access the website in another browser or using the private-browsing feature of your favorite one. A log-out/log-in might be necessary.

    [Access] GRN / Unknown User [FIXED]

    • Some players trying to access the GRN Website got the Unknown User message on the top right corner of the page instead of their real usernames. This issue should now be fixed.

    [PS4] Browser feature

    • Some PS4 users are reporting a "Cannot use this feature" error message when trying to use the PS4 browser. We're investigating the issue.

    [Stats] Inconsistency in enemy killed statistic

    • It can be noticed in the Ghost Recon Network that the Total Enemy Killed counter is not accurate. We are currently investigating this issue.

    [Stats] Missing icon for several weapons [FIXED]

    • It can be noticed that some weapon icons are missing in the Weapon Leaderboard of the Ghost Recon Network.

    [Stats] Confusing "favorite vehicle" stat [FIXED]

    • On the Ghost Recon Network advanced stats page, the Favorite vehicle counter is using "m" unit instead of "min" one. This stats is indeed based on the time spent on the vehicle and not the covered distance.

    [Notifications] Missing notifications [Workaround]

    • While using the Ghost Recon Network, it may happen that notifications are not displayed in real time and would require a refresh of the page.

    [TaskForces] Task Force emblem not updating

    • It can be noticed that some Task Forces emblems selected in the game may not update on the Ghost Recon Network website.

    [Achievement] Confusing "Recruitment Command" unlock conditions [FIXED]

    • The unlock condition description of the "Recruitment Command" achievement might lead to confusion. The player has to accept more than 4 "Join Task Force Requests" in order to unlock this achievement.

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