Ghost Recon Wildlands: Patch 1.09 steht bereit

  • Bei Ghost Recon Wildlands haben die Entwickler von Ubisoft einen neuen Patch bereitgestellt. Damit werden zahlreiche Fehler und Probleme behoben. Die Helikopter-Steuerung wurde nochmals überarbeitet und das Handling nahe des Bodens angepasst. Außerdem haben diejenigen, die die neue Helikopter-Steuerung verwenden, die Wahl das HUD auszuschalten. Leider hat Ubisoft noch keine deutschsprachigen Patch Notizen veröffentlicht, daher müssen wir vorerst mit den englischsprachigen Patchnotes auskommen:

    Änderungen des Patches 1.09


    • In “La Granja”, fixed a bug that would sometimes spawn you on top of Unidad soldiers when killed
    • In “The Convoy” (Koani), fixed a bug causing the player to sometimes spawn in Itacua when killed
    • In “Marcus Jensen”, fixed a bug causing the mission to sometimes become unavailable if the escape vehicle was destroyed before interrogating Marcus Jensen

    User Interface

    • Incorrect time information is no longer displayed on booster window after activating a 2 hour booster
    • The G36C folded buttstock description now indicates the actual unlock location
    • We added setting allowing the players to use the new helicopter controls without the HUD
    • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused redeploying while flying a helicopter to display the helicopter crosshair in every vehicle


    • We improved the new helicopter handling’s accuracy when close to the ground
    • Fixed a bug causing a helicopter to sometimes bounce off the floor at startup
    • You can now spawn purchased or rewarded vehicles when playing in offline mode
    • Fixed a bug causing the player to be unable to use the drone, binoculars, and Ghost Squad/Rebel Support commands after having been revived from a shutdown vehicle


    • Fixed a bug causing several submachine guns to be missing audio


    • Fixed several clipping issues in Charactersmith
    • Fixed issues with secondary ammo not showing correctly on certain vests


    • We added more color options for the Ghillie suits
    • We added all camo options to CRYE tops and pants

    Narco Road

    • In “Electro Air Race”, we fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the mission to remain stuck at the second step
    • In “Prophet on Wheels”, we fixed a bug sometimes causing the player to not be able to engage in dialogue with Arturo
    • In “Truck Off and Die”, we fixed a bug causing players not following the target would not complete the mission

    Fallen Ghosts

    • We fixed a bug causing the mortar danger zone to sometimes not appear
    • We fixed a bug causing the distance to marked enemies to not be displayed for the new NPCs
    • We fixed a bug causing numbers to not be displayed on enemies while utilizing sync shot


    • Fixed a bug where the reverse vehicle camera would stutter when driving.
    • Fixed a bug where the helicopter mouse steering would remain active after switching the controls scheme from New to Classic.
    • Fixed a bug where the Toby Eye tracking sensitivity options would not work.
    • Fixed a bug where a graphical corruption could appear near Libertad city, on AMD GPUs.
    • Fixed a bug where the volumetry godrays would pass through builds and walls in certain conditions.
    • Fixed a bug where the Pitch icon was missing from the HUD, when using a Steam Controller.

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